Misinformation and disinformation pose a challenge to development, governance, public health, and human security efforts around the world. Hagiga Wahid is a workflow and technology platform designed to counter the spread of false information through transparency and early mitigation of conflict.

As communications technology has become more widely distributed in the developing world, the spread of inaccurate, incomplete or fabricated information is an increasingly significant threat to peace and stability, particularly in regions with limited access to reliable third-party media.

Hagiga Wahid can be used to contextualize and mitigate misinformation through community involvement, crisis moderation, and transparency.

Want to help?
  • If you've heard a rumour in your community which represents an immediate risk of conflict, report it now.
  • If you have verifiable information on an existing rumour recorded in Hagiga Wahid, leave a comment on it.
  • If you want to implement a private, local instance of Hagiga Wahid, download the open source version of the software (coming soon).
  • Spread the word about Hagiga Wahid in your community and beyond!