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There is tension between farmers and cattle keepers in Ngolubu-Besselia payam of Wau county, Western Bahr el Ghazal state. April 11, 2024 April 11, 2024
Ambororo pastoralists are in the town with fake animals. It is said that, old men died and they turn into an animals which is sell at the market. April 9, 2024 March 28, 2024
It is reported that, one civilian was killed in Kuajina Payam of Jur River County Western Bahr El-Ghazal State by the cattle keeper from Tonj Warrap state. This creates panic among the local community. Please I want hagiga on this. April 8, 2024 March 22, 2024
There is a rumour that Marial Bai youths give a 72 hours to all Apuk community in Wau to leave Wau otherwise. April 8, 2024 March 27, 2024
There is a land dispute between the returnees and host community in Hai Dam Sopiri boma of Yei county. April 8, 2024 April 5, 2024
Suspected armed robbers are seen to have left Bentiu town of unity state and trying to head towards a bush near Nyang county of Lakes state. April 6, 2024 April 6, 2024
People in Twic County fear cattle raiders attack: Fears in Turalei in Twic County, Warrap state as cattle raiders from neighboring Unity State attacks civilians April 2, 2024 April 1, 2024
Malakal is not peaceful, don't reconstruct your homes: People in Malakal town fear to reconstruct their destroyed homes since 2013 conflict due to rumors which states that, there will be a renewed conflict in Malakal town in the near future. The anticipated conflict will involved the three main tribes which lives in the town. April 2, 2024 March 22, 2024
The armed cattle herder is heading to Lainya County to both Kupera and Mukaya Payams causing already fears. March 12, 2024 March 12, 2024
The armed cattle herders are beating, killing, burning houses and displacing people in Soka and Libage of Dimu One Boma, Mukaya Payam, Lainya County. Feb. 27, 2024 Feb. 23, 2024
Four youths were abducted in Yei-River County’s hai Dem residential area by armed men and driven to unknown location Feb. 25, 2024 Feb. 25, 2024
Two boda-boda riders were ambushed and shot death along the Yei Lasu Road Feb. 19, 2024 July 6, 2023
Two South Sudan Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF) looted civilians in Mukaya Payam in Lainya County Feb. 15, 2024 Jan. 29, 2024
Suspected food poisoning has claimed two pupils at trek green school in Mukono district. Oct. 24, 2023 Oct. 10, 2023
Yei-Kaya road has been closed due to the continuous ambushes and looting by unknown armed men Aug. 15, 2023 July 6, 2023
Two civilians were arbitrarily arrested and taken to unknown location by the South Sudan defense forces (SSPDF) in Mukaya Lainya County. Aug. 11, 2023 Aug. 10, 2023
The armed cattle herders are heading back to Yei after being denied access to cross through the Western Equatoria State July 7, 2023 July 6, 2023
Yei day secondary has been attacked by some Dinka in the SSPDF uniform resulting to looting of other property in the school July 7, 2023 July 6, 2023
There is a cholera outbreak in Yei July 7, 2023 July 6, 2023
The SSPDF are deployed in Lasu resorted to looting goats and cows of the local people in the area resulting into civilain migration to DRC July 7, 2023 July 6, 2023
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