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There was a grenade explosion in Wau town. One person is reported to be seriously injured in his face. July 12, 2024 July 11, 2024
Some men were abducted on the night of 30 June 2024 in the Hai Tarawa neighborhood of Juba by an unidentified group. July 11, 2024 June 30, 2024
Eleventh (11) civilians were taken into custody in the Baraba area of Yari Boma Mugwo Payam. While three women have been released, the remaining eight individuals, all men, are still in custody. July 10, 2024 July 5, 2024
There were three road ambushes along the Lasu-Ombaci, and Mugwo roads of Yei county, which led to the death of a South Sudan Law Society staff member. July 10, 2024 July 3, 2024
Suspected SSPDF soldiers stormed to Mugwo PHCC to search for one medical personnel over alleged security concerns, this incident has caused panic and fear among other medical staff in the facility and the surrounding population. July 9, 2024 July 7, 2024
Soldiers alleged to be from IO forces are reported to have entered Jansuk area of Yei town at night July 9, 2024 July 11, 2024
Some people are saying that there will be elections in South Sudan this year. July 9, 2024 July 7, 2024
Gunfights are reported to happen in Yei at Hai Dam area. People are frightened, and the situation for tonight is uncertain. July 5, 2024 July 5, 2024
Tension in sector 3, block 15, Bentiu IDP camp as a man was killed around 3:00 AM by armed robbers. July 5, 2024 July 3, 2024
Last week over twenty civilians were abducted by the National Salvation Front, NAS rebels in Wonduruba Payam of Juba County. July 3, 2024 June 24, 2024
Some people leaving about 10 miles away from Lasu road of Yei county were arrested and kept in the joint operation custody last week by SSPDF soldiers. July 3, 2024 July 4, 2024
A man living in Libogo village of Yei county was shot dead by unknown gunmen. July 3, 2024 July 6, 2024
Destructive flood has now reached Leer County and is predicted to reach Koch County Unity State by August 2024 July 1, 2024 Sept. 1, 2024
There is a fear of return of fighting between youths from Parieng and Rubkona County. July 1, 2024 June 30, 2024
A young girl was subjected to rape by a group of youths in the area between Malakal and Khorfulus. June 27, 2024 May 9, 2024
There is currently a land dispute and escalating tension between the returnees and the host community in Hai Dam Sopiri Boma of Yei County. June 27, 2024 April 5, 2024
Suspected NAS soldiers have kidnapped five people in Lupapa Payam of Yei County. However, one victim has managed to escape. June 27, 2024 June 11, 2024
A fight occurred in Thukleal market of Malakal involving a gang of young men aged 15 to 20. During the altercation, one member was injured when they were struck on the head with a machete. June 27, 2024 May 30, 2024
11 people were flogged on Monday night in Lodorobe area of Jansuk Boma. June 27, 2024 May 22, 2024
There was a cattle raid attack in a cattle camp found in Panyigai village near Roriak in the northern part of Rubkona county, Bentiu town. June 27, 2024 June 15, 2024
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