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There was a heavy clash between NAS rebels and a convoy of SSPDF forces which resulted in the killing of an SSPDF convoy driver and other soldiers injured along Yei-Kaya road. This incident is currently creating fear among the road users. June 14, 2024 June 11, 2024
A women was beaten to death by a young man who is her neighbor. After confirming that she had died the alleged killer ran away. June 14, 2024 June 8, 2024
Rebels came up to Wuluturu area on Saturday and this has caused panic among civilians. June 13, 2024 June 8, 2024
Suspected NAS soldiers are said to have kidnapped 5 people in Lupapa payam of Yei county on Tuesday, 11th/June/2024. However, one victim is said to have escaped. June 13, 2024 June 11, 2024
Some civilians have been abducted by suspected NAS soldiers yesterday, 12th/06/2024 at the evening hours, in Mukaya payam of Lainya county. June 13, 2024 June 12, 2024
There was a brutal attack in the girls' hostel of Juba university, by the police who were said to have been sent by the University administration on 12th/June/2024. June 13, 2024 June 12, 2024
A truck transporting fuel was attacked by unknown gun men and the driver was shot dead along Lainya-Yei Road. June 12, 2024 June 12, 2024
A commercial petrol tank driver was shot and died on spot by unknown gun men along Yei-Juba road in a place called Mankaro between Lainya and Loka west. Other passengers of the truck survived. June 12, 2024 June 11, 2024
A road ambush of two cars took place in Mugwo village of Yei county on 11th/June/2024. Among the victims, two died, three wounded , one survived and is currently in Luparate area of Yei town. June 12, 2024 June 11, 2024
Reported ambush along Yei-kaya road between Yari and Jombu bomas of Mugwo Payam, Yei River County. June 11, 2024 June 11, 2024
There was a fight between groups of boys and women later joined in the fight, each group of women supporting the side of their sons. This occurred near ICRC office which is close to Malakal Stadium. June 11, 2024 June 3, 2024
A Man walking on the street of Malakal Town was beaten by a group of youths who followed him from where he came from. The young man escaped from the attackers by running to the police station. The police officers took him to the hospital run by MSF where he was given medication. June 11, 2024 May 31, 2024
Tensions rise in Malakal as four Shilluk charcoal workers were killed by suspected Dinka, leading to a retaliatory killing of a Dinka driver near the UNMISS site. Ethnic strife escalates, resulting to closing of markets and government offices. June 3, 2024 May 31, 2024
This morning in Malakal market, two young people from the same tribe were involved in a violent altercation. One was struck on the head with a stick, and the other was shot with a pistol. The incident is connected to the recent events in Malakal over the past three days. The police have apprehended them and they are currently under investigation. June 1, 2024 June 1, 2024
Students in the university of Bahr el Ghazal-Wau plan on staging a serious strike due to cut off of feeding program, this is creating panic among the neighboring community since a similar strike done two weeks ago led to nuisance within the community and some people crossing the university road were injured during that particular strike. May 31, 2024 May 30, 2024
Some South Sudanese citizens in Wau do not want elections to take place due to the effect of crisis, insecurity and lack of salaries for civil servants. May 31, 2024 May 31, 2024
Fear has return to Unity state as the UNOCHA and UNMISS warned citizens over the return of flooding. May 31, 2024 May 29, 2024
There has been a fight among a gang group of young men aged 15 to 20 years in Thukleal market of Malakal on 30th/05/2024, this led to injury of one member who was cut with a panga on the head. May 30, 2024 May 30, 2024
A team returning from Juba, endorsing President Salva Kiir as SPLM flag bearer, fell into an ambush along Chukudum road. Two fatalities, a lady and a driver, were confirmed, with a child injured and the fate of the scattered team unknown. May 30, 2024 May 29, 2024
11 people were flogged on Monday night in Lodorobe area of Jansuk Boma. May 29, 2024 May 22, 2024
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